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Your Date Wants To Go Dancing, But You Don't Know Where To Go! Here Are Some Ideas

If the only time you dance is at weddings, then it might be nerve wracking when your date tells you they would like to go dancing. Don't stress out. This article will help you get some ideas. You can then decide for yourself what type of dancing your date wants, and pick the place accordingly.

Latin Nightclub

If your date is into salsa music, or uptempo modern Latin music like reggaeton, then they are going to want to hit a Latin nightclub. The DJs at these places will have playlists that cater exclusively to audiences looking for Latin music. Depending on where you are located, the music might have a more Dominican and Puerto Rican slant (New York City), or it might be more Cuban centric (Miami).

Helpful hint. If you can't find a nightclub advertised, look for Spanish restaurants that advertise live music. Many of these places have a cabaret license and a dance floor. After a certain time (depending on location) they stop serving dinner and the place morphs into a bar/dance room.

EDM Dance Club

These places all have DJs and play EDM (electronic dance music: progressive, house, drum and base, dubstep, etc…). If your date is into popular, mainstream dance music, then this is where you will want to take them.

Make sure that your date is not talking about one-on-one, slow dancing. The dancing at these clubs are more like the party dancing you'd see at EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) or at a club in Ibiza.

A lot of these areas will have a bar and a VIP area. The VIP area will be partitioned, sometimes by a rope; other times it will be in a separate room. This is really the only area to sit and relax, but you will oftentimes have to order bottle service, which can be expensive. So you might want to have dinner or drinks somewhere first, and then hit up the club after.

Country And Western Nightclub

Of course, if your date can't stand salsa, or blasting techno, and is more of a Carrie Underwood or Brad Paisley fan, then you should be looking for a C&W club. These places have live music as well as DJs who play current country hits.

The dancefloor is a main part of these clubs and they have line dancing, which is a big group dance, as well as songs for two-stepping, which is geared towards couples.

There will always be a big bar, and often tables to the side of the dance floor. You and your date can hang out there when you tire of dancing. For more information on nightclubs in your area, check out a place like Muzik Clubs.