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Planning To Gamble? Be Sure To Follow These Casino Etiquette Rules

When you think of following the proper etiquette, your mind probably goes to dinner parties, weddings, and other events. But etiquette also applies when you're at the card table or in a casino. Whether you like to gamble regularly or you've never really done it before, be sure to follow these simple etiquette rules in order to keep the peace and to have a successful gambling venture.

Handling Your Dough

At casinos where things are handled through cash transactions, you should always conduct business within view of the security cameras. Dealers won't take any bills that you hand them directly. You should place the bills on the table right in front of you where they can be spread out and easily viewed. Try to do this between hands so you aren't holding up players while you gather your chips for the next round. Don't count your cash at the table either. It's bad etiquette, but even worse, it will definitely get pickpockets' attention and make you a target. 

Touching The Cards And Chips

Believe it or not, there are proper etiquette rules when it comes to touching your cards and chips during game play. If the cards are dealt face-up, you should never touch them. If they're dealt face-down, you can touch them, but it should only be done with one hand. The most important thing to remember is to never remove your cards from the table, even if you're tempted to edge them towards you to sneak a look. If this happens, you can expect to hear from the dealer and also from other players. Some casinos will even kick you out for doing this, so be aware. This also goes for your chips. Never touch the chips after you've made a bet and the game is in progress. This is considered to be a shady move by most players. 

Proper Game Play

In some games, such as blackjack, verbal signals shouldn't be used. Instead, clearly signal with your hand that you want the dealer to "hit" you with more cards. This makes it clear to casino security what is going on and also prevents other players from being interrupted. It also should go without saying that should know the rules before you play any casino game. There's nothing more frustrating to other players than a person who has to stop and ask questions in the middle of game play. Make sure you know all of the rules of any game you're interested in before you place your bet and start playing. Following a few simple etiquette rules at the casino can keep you from getting into trouble or worse, getting kicked out and will also create a better atmosphere for everyone betting and playing.