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Mistakes You Can Make That Will Cause Your Corporate Party To Fail

Corporate parties are a great way to build solidarity among your employees and also provide your employees opportunities to network. However, if your party is not planned carefully, it could be a failure that your employees might resent. There are a few mistakes you must avoid making.

Not Considering Your Guests

Long before you have a corporate party, you should be discussing the concept with your employees. How your employees discuss the party can influence what characteristics the event will have. Your employees might be apprehensive about having a party until after a specific period has passed, such as a major marketing campaign or the launch of a website. Always remain conscious of your guests throughout the entire planning process.

Not Planning Far Enough Ahead

The larger the party, the earlier you will need to begin planning for it because more people usually equals more planning. You may need a bigger venue and security measures. Large halls book quickly, especially on Saturdays. Therefore, if you need to get the okay from your manager before organizing a party, get his or her approval as early as possible. Holding a party on a weekday isn't usually appreciated when employees have to wake up early in the morning the next day.

Not Having A Plan For Getting Employees To And From The Event

Make sure that you have a clear plan for how employees will get to and from the event, especially if alcohol will be served. For example, you may make arrangements with a taxi company to keep taxis on-call for when employees decide it is time to go home.

Not Controlling Alcohol Consumption

A corporate party is the worst time to get heavily inebriated. Drunkenness can poorly reflect on the company's reputation and can also cause conflicts and embarrassments that can later be carried into the workplace. One way to prevent this is to not serve alcohol at all. However, if this is met with protests, consider handing out tickets to employees that restrict the number of drinks they can purchase. This will also help your company budget better for alcohol. Also, to discourage alcohol consumption, offer other types of drinks that are more enticing. For instance, serve premium coffee.

Not Staying Under Budget

Put different employees in charge of different parts of the event, give them specific budgets and offer rewards for employees who are able to meet objectives under the budget. One individual should be put in charge of managing the event so that there are no conflicts over decision-making. The best manager would be someone who has a track-record for getting things done, but is also willing to consider the opinions of coworkers. When you plan the party thoroughly and avoid all of the pitfalls, you'll be the most likely to achieve your goals. For assistance planinng your corporate party, talk to a professional like Bowlerama.